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This four week course is aimed at training those persons who are new to Crime Scene Investigation and wish to enter force at the first level as a Volume Crime Scene Investigator.  The aim of this course is to train and qualify the delegates to become Volume Crime Scene Investigators to enable them to attend the scene of a crime or incident and process in accordance with recognised procedures.

This one-week course is suitable for experienced Crime Scene Managers (CSM) who have the relevant skills, knowledge and experience to take the step from managing individual crime scenes, to taking the forensic lead over multiple scenes in complex and high-profile investigations.  They will have attended a recognised CSM course and demonstrated competence in fulfilling that role in an operational environment for a significant period of time.  Their attendance should also be supported by their line manager and Scientific Support Manager.  This course is aimed at developing the professional skills and abilities of suitably qualified and experienced CSM to manage multiple scenes in complex and high-profile investigations.